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Say Yes 2 Green, Yes 2 Clean 
And NO 2 Plastic!

Lake landscape
Trees From Above
Plastic Polluted Ocean

Because you shouldn’t need a PhD to know what’s safe

Safer Choice drives product innovation by creating safer products.

Yes2Green has taken a proactive mindset, which allows our manufacturers to get ahead of regulatory changes. We are one of the few companies that is committed to safer choices, because it sends a message about our willingness to face scrutiny and be proactive. We are doing our part to moving commerce toward a focus on safer alternatives and green chemistry, rather than being reactive and having to clean up the mess after toxic chemicals are released into the environment.

Not using and not distributing plastic containers or bottles may seem like a small gesture, but it has major environmental impact. Not distributing or using plastic is a fundamental step to protecting the future of the planet our children and everyone on it. It’s also an effective way to raise awareness, which is critical to making a long-term change.

Eliminating plastic use is a critical step to reducing single-use plastics worldwide. In addition, each delivery, or lack of delivery, is an educational opportunity, and an ideal place to build awareness and create a more environmentally conscious population.

Conversations about plastic with guests, colleagues, and suppliers can lead to larger discussions about plastic pollution; the giant garbage patch in the ocean; plastics found in fish and seabirds; microplastics and the food chain; and how to protect the earth and our health. 

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